Obama is Still Playing Politics on Keystone Pipeline

Earlier this week, President Obama promised to accelerate the Keystone Pipeline review.  The reality is Obama never should have delayed it and is now trying to claim credit for it.  It's just more politics from this President, doing his best to ride two horses with one rear end, to mollify his hardcore environmentalist base (that ignores the fact that all the other pipelines they threw fits about haven't done an ounce of the harm they predicted) and not tick off the rest of us (the majority) because a ticked off somebody won't vote for you.

Now Obama wants credit. The Drive-By Media, of course, is happy to give it to him. They're also happy to parrot Obama's preposterous statement that drilling won't help prices go down on oil. Because increased supply with steady demand doesn't cause prices to go down. (Then again, the President also believes, despite it's complete lack of success, that Keynsian Economics work).

Is expediting Keystone the right thing to do? Sure. If it happens. I also remember when Obama promised to increase deep water drilling permits a year after the BP Spill and he's gone from giving them out at a snails pace to giving them out at a turtle's pace. Do I believe for one second Obama is doing it because it's best for America? Lord no.

If Obama's energy policy was focused on what's good for America, he wouldn't be pumping billions of taxpayer dollars into companies like Solyndra, not to mention ideas like using algae for fuel and other ridiculous concepts that have no basis in reality and are certainly in no way ready to replace various petroleum fuels. As I've said before, the only real "Green Energy" that is successful on a large scale is hydroelectric, but we're already maxed at our ability to use that source because, and please write this down: When a new energy source really works the Free Market will make it happen and quickly.

Obama's just playing politics again.  Let me show you my surprised look. The truth is Obama's Presidency is a joke. The only reason he's not perceived that way is because the Drive-By Media is willing to publish his lies and slights of hand. Either way, this President is heading for a big loss in November and we can get beyond this kind of ridiculous Chicago style political game.