Predicting the Liberal Hypocrisy on Paul Ryan

All this week we've been talking about Governor Mitt Romney's great pick of Congressman Paul Ryan. The first move from the Left and the Drive-By Media has been to rehash the same silly lies about the Ryan Budget (which we discussed yesterday).

But we also know that the Left loves to by hypocritical (especially when they know the Drive-By Media won't call them out on it). Who can forget "Sarah Palin doesn't have enough experience to be Vice President!" Even though Barack Obama had similar amounts of political experience and far less private sector experience. (Apparently it takes less experience to be President than Vice President.)

So I'm going to go out on a limb here (a very very sturdy limb, only a foot from the ground) and predict some of the great hypocritical claims the Left is going to make about Congressman Ryan:

- Ryan has little to no Public Sector experience! Neither did President Obama. I guess it didn't matter then because...ummm....

- Ryan doesn't have enough experience to be President! Paul Ryan is currently serving his seventh term in the House of Representatives (this is his 13th year in office). Barack Obama, by the way, had only 11 years of political experience, only 4 of which were on the national leve.

- Ryan doesn't have any executive experience! You know how many years Barack Obama has of executive experience? Three and a half. You know, since he was ELECTED PRESIDENT.'

- Ryan is a "Radical Extremist!" One, no he isn't. Conservatism is the most prevalent ideology in America. Two, Obama is what, exactly if not radical?

- Ryan's Plan will "fundamentally transform Medicare!" Yes, it does. So will Obama's LACK of a plan, because Medicare will be bankrupt in two decades. Even if you believe the Obama claim that Obamacare pushed back the fall date a few years, IT'S STILL HEADED FOR BANKRUPTCY!

- Ryan's budgets are extreme! As opposed to Obama's budgets, which have yet to get a SINGLE VOTE in the Senate. And the Democrats haven't passed a budget since Obama took office.

- Ryan is a divisive running mate! Have you SEEN who Obama's running mate is, friends?'

It's not hard to predict the hypocrisy we'll see from the Left. Some of these predictions have already come true (a problem that comes with a three day lag between writing and posting). But when your liberal friends break out these bumper sticker slogans, remember what we've learned in class today.

Some of this hypocrisy has started. Some is yet to come. Either way, it will be as hypocritical as the day is long. Par for the course for liberals.