2011 - 3 years of renown

Today - January 1st, 2011 marks the 3 year anniversary of renown. I wrote my 1st post ever on the 1st day of 2008. A lot is different since then and i have written a lot.
in fact, i've written 648 times since that 1st one. that's a lot. (not to mention the 200 or so articles that are partially written and in the waiting.)

almost 40,000 people have stopped by to read renown. Actually, an all time number of renown readers stopped by yesterday (New Year's Eve) = 551. i was shocked because that's not normal. That trend won't continue today.

Although i'm thankful people are reading, i just have fun writing. i need to write to process things. but of course it's always more fun to write when people are actually reading.

The ultimate reason i write is still the same as 3 years ago. i'll leave you with my 1st ever post. it's always a good reminder for me:

the 1st ever RENOWN blog
“I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.” – Paul (philippians 1:20)

Life’s not about me. It’s all about God and his renown. God is the greatest, most awesome, coolest, most glorious thing in the universe. He is the only One and only thing that can satisfy! We ALL want satisfaction, but like the great theologian Mick Jagger sang – “I can’t get no (pause…) satisfaction!” (it’s OK that you were singing along and rocking your air guitar. You’re supposed to have fun when you read this blog.) (I bet you were also thinking to yourself, "what possible good can come from a blog that begins with a picture of Jagger?" now you know.) I would say we can’t find satisfaction/happiness/joy because we’re looking in the wrong places. So, where should we look?

Paul understood that life is all about God, not us. He was determined to exalt Christ in any way he could. And THERE Paul found satisfaction. I feel ya, Paul! I want to magnify Christ’s renown in my life every second or if He can be exalted higher in my death, then that’s cool too. Whatever it takes. It’s all about Jesus. And in this lifestyle I am satisfied and the happiest man alive.
Like Paul, this is my life goal… to spread the renown of Jesus Christ! I’ll spend the rest of my life doing this for His name’s sake and be the happiest man on earth.

And here’s my blog that’s just another part of my life that’s attempting to spread God’s fame. I’m not an expert writer or anything close, but I’m learning and experiencing so much that I need an outlet for it. Some days I’ll be writing about my amazing wife, pimp stuff in God’s word that I’m studying, something I learned at a conference or in a book, or just something funny or crazy that’s happening. You're reading the 1st ever RENOWN blog... this is a momentous occasion. You may need to take a deep breath just to let it all sink in. It won’t always be something deeply theological like what you read above (jk). But it will always be thoughts flowing out of an attempt to be completely satisfied in a God who is worthy of all the renown and fame in the world.