quotes of the week #32

The #1 quote i picked for this week is...

"Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done." - Louis Brandeis, old supreme court justice

“If all the money that is being spent on finding ways to kill people was used instead to feed them and house them, clothe them and educate them—how beautiful that would be.”– Mother Teresa
[right on Mother Teresa, right on.] 

"The entirety of our prayer is 'Your will be done' – not as a note of resignation but of desire beyond expression."- Richard John Neuhaus

"Generosity is about the condition of your heart, not the condition of your bank account." - Chris Brown, my pastor [YES!]

"Apple is simply the most influential company in the world today." - Fortune Magazine [big words]

"Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go." - Dr. Walter Bishop from Fringe (or should we say “Walternate”) 
[this might become my life motto one of these days. i guess we'll find out...]

"When we fail to stand up for the poor, we fail to stand up for God." - Rev. Malcolm Duncan

“You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one.” – John Wooden, coaching legend 
[good advice]

"Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” Doug Ivester
[bkuz when that happens you are either almost dead or might as well be!] 

Do you have a favorite quote? which ones make you think?