long time no blog

i think this officially the longest i have ever gone without blogging.

This year i've been posting something almost every day, but my last post was June 13... 10 days between posts is a new record for renown.

i guess i was too busy to write and other things took priority over blogging in the last 11 days.

i'm thankful that Ridge was able to team up with a couple other churches and we pulled off our own camp this week at Myrtle Beach for Middle and High Schoolers. it was an awesome week.

just to clarify, i haven't given up on writing. just the opposite. i guess i took a little accidental sabbath from blogging.
now i'm coming back refreshed and hopefully better. because i have a lot of things i want to write about. a lot of things i'm passionate about saying.

i'm excited to start saying them tomorrow