what would it be like?

so, what if love really does win?

and what if we lived like LOVE WINS and we all truly believed LOVE WINS.
the world would be a different place.

*i believe that another world is possible.

& i believe that because love wins.

dream with me for a minute what the world would look like if love wins. imagine with me for a second what would NOT exist if love wins for real:
There would be no hate, no greed, no pride, no division, and no people being exploited or excluded.
No people would die because they don't have medicine that we can afford.
No people would die because they don't have clean water.

There would be no more mean people, no more revenge.
Racism would only be something we read about in history books as we scratched our heads with a puzzling look.
We would no longer hear stories about that horrible evil called child slavery.

War would end forever. There wouldn't be any child abuse or crime or violence.

We wouldn't see anymore homes falling apart after tornadoes... or maybe just for a day.
No more homeless people. What's that? a homeless person? a person who doesn't have anywhere to live? i don't understand?

There would be no more orphans living on the streets.

because if love wins it defeats every single one of those evils!

This all sounds kind of like a Kingdom someone named Jesus talked about.

what if each of us constantly asked ourselves the question - "How can love win" in this situation? what if we asked that every single day in every single situation? How can love win?

another world is possible.

a revolution is coming.