slowly we change

i admit that i do like my showers. the nice HOT water beating down on my back... it's one of my fav parts of the day.

& i like a nice hard water pressure in the shower too.

in Africa however, there is no such thing as water pressure period... much less a hard water pressure. at least not in my experiences there. in fact, here was our shower at one of the places Crystal and i stayed on our most recent time in Africa:

yeah, you're seeing it right. the shower was a bucket of water. so i was thankful when there was an actual shower where we stayed. but the water pressure was equal to tears falling from your eyes. not very hard.

and i'm cool with that. i got used to simply always being dirty... never truly clean. it was all good.

i guess i even got used to the lack of water pressure because i can remember the 1st shower after we returned home last October. the water pressure in our shower is just the way i like it. but that 1st shower! - i think i remember saying "OWW" out loud. it actually HURT it was so hard.

i had been used to barely a drizzle. and now i was being pelted with streams of water at what felt like 100mph.

and just yesterday (around 9 months later) i started complaining in my head that the water pressure in our shower is too WEAK!

i immediately started chuckling. whoa. what a big change. a change that happened slowly over time. our water pressure didn't change. i changed i guess.

it's amazing to me how MUCH we can gradually change over time. for good or for bad.

(because i know there are thousands...)

anything like this ever happen to you?