"The Bachelorette" & "The Bachelor" are FAILURES

i know some people may not like this post, but seriously, could there be a worse idea than the TV shows "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"?

oh yeah, just when we think we're out of the woods and the madness is over... "The Bachelor Pad" cranks up next week. awesome. i guess that is a way worse idea. maybe.

is it even possible to cause love and finding a mate even MORE unnatural and messed up than how they do it on "The Bachelor/Bachelorette"?

On The Bachelorette, a whole bunch of dudes fall in love with 1 girl - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. and the already very unnatural process is actually rushed because it's a competition with all the other guys... and they all live in the same house... and then they put it on TV for all of us to watch and be entertained by.

and this girl, Ashley, gives her heart away to multiple guys... at the SAME time. how do you not get confused? (i guess that Chris Harrison guy takes notes for her.) and then you have a deadline to pick 1 of them to marry. while breaking the rest of their hearts (and pieces of her own i might add). it seems to me that starting a relationship/marriage this way is a set up for disaster. i'll go a step further... it's obvious that it's a set up for disaster.

Both shows are a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE! i'm not talking about how much money they've made, or how many people watch every week, or how many tweets go flying around, or how many people's DVRs are filled up with 5 HOURS worth of Bachelorette crap this past weekend (oh, mine definitely was) - between the 2 hour "guys tell all" ridiculousness, & then the actual show, & then the "after the final rose" thing. Which by the way is the 1st time in like 5 months that the engaged couple can even be together? REALLY? yeah, this all seems like the perfect way to start a relationship.

i'm saying that it's obvious that these shows are a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE because no one is actually finding love, happiness, or a mate!
i haven't done the actual research on this... i just asked my wife. i don't feel like wasting time googling the actual numbers. but, from talking to Crystal it sounds like ONE COUPLE... let me repeat that 1 couple picked each other & actually ended up together and are still together out of 20 or 30something seasons. i'm not a math wiz, but that's a pretty low percentage.

the only other success is that guy Jason (who looks like Landon Donovan) who actually picked the dark headed chick who helped host Dick Clark's NYE deal, but then he dropped her for the blonde one from Michigan (Mindie or Molly or something?). and i think they're still married and together.

wow. so 2 out of maybe 30something. i would say that's pretty much a guarantee that you're not going to find your mate on this show. just sayin.

hopefully the shows producers would say the same and admit out loud that it's just a money making, entertainment/cultural obsession. i guess more power to them then. this is America. the bastion of capitalism. just go make money however you can. whatever the people flock to. forget the ethics of it. it's all about the benjamins.

i'm just thankful it's over and i hope no one actually has to watch that ridiculously stupid "Bachelor Pad" show. i'd rather take a beating with a brick stick. (ok, that's me being sarcastic... sort of.)

i guess i'm done venting now. anything YOU want to say about it?