Obama: Don’t “spike the football”…unless you need to get re-elected...

It was one year ago that U.S. Navy SEALs successfully killed Osama Bin Laden.  Then, about ten minutes later, Barrack Obama proceeded to take the credit.  Makes sense, after all…he did make a decision that any President with an IQ higher than a grapefruit would make…why shouldn’t he take all the credit (even though the SEALs did all the work and were the real heroes).  Then, ever one to try to ride two horses with one rear end, Obama refused to release the pictures because, and I quote, “we don’t want to spike the football.”
After that, Obama’s approval managed to creep above 50% for the first time in over a year…for about fifteen minutes (in case you’re keeping score, the President’s approval rating hasn’t been above 50% since May of 2011). Suddenly, Obama was humble…ish…about it. Then an election year rolled around. Now Obama’s on thin ice, regardless of what the Drive-By Media is telling you, with voters…left with minimal successes to trumpet when asking for a second term, the President has to bring up the one thing he managed to not screw up: the killing of Bin Laden.  
He can’t talk about the “success” of his stimulus, because there wasn’t any: Remember, if we passed the stimulus unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%...it hasn’t dropped below 8% since.  (Not to mention the only way he can claim it as a success is if he moves the goal line with “it would’ve been worse if we hadn’t acted,” even though it can’t be proven.) He can’t talk about the “success” of Obamacare: it was supposed to lower healthcare costs and instead they went up. (Also it’s about as popular as a Red Sox fan in the Bronx.)  Then there’s Obama’s billions in “Green Energy” subsidies that have done nothing to lower gas prices (but at least a lot of the companies who were invested in have gone bankrupt so there’s that). 
He can’t talk about his policy successes. So he’s got to talk about killing Bin Laden. A lot.  He’s got to go to Afghanistan and trumpet it a year later.  One can’t help but ask if this isn’t the same President who talked about not wanting to give Al Qaeda a “recruiting tool”?  Using legitimate interrogation tactics on the battlefield to save American lives (that are made to look like patty cakes by the practices of Al Qaeda) are going to be used to recruit…but not going on a celebration tour a year after the killing of Al Qaeda’s leader WON’T be?  Sure. Makes sense.
Bottom line: The President is now “spiking the football.” It’s incredibly clear why: he wants a second term…he needs SOMETHING to trumpet…and his legislative record sure isn’t it. So now it’s just fine to “spike the football.” After all, it’s all about Obama. 
Soldiers lives? Never mind, Obama has to get re-elected.  Propriety? Never mind, Obama’s has to get re-elected.  Not making a fool of yourself? Never mind, Obama has to get re-elected. “Don’t spike the football?”  Never mind (you guessed it), Obama has to get re-elected.  After all, it’s all about Obama. Not America.