Occupy Bombers is Yet Another Example of Liberal Media Bias

Last week, five members of the Occupy Cleveland movement unsuccessfully planted a bomb in Brecksville, OH (a suburb of Cleveland). The Drive-By Media is glossing over the legitimate involvement of Occupiers in this plot. Remember, this is the same Media that gleefully assumed the Tea Party's involvement in the 2011 Tuscon Shooting and the 2010 New York City Car Bombing.
Before I continue I want to make one thing abundantly clear. I recognize that these five individuals were not acting on the authority of the Occupy Movement and that they were simply members who took the cause too far. I get that. I am not equating this action with the Occupy Movement.

HOWEVER, this is yet another nail in the comparison coffin that is being glossed over by the Drive-By Media, not to mention another great example of liberal Drive-By Media bias.

Remember when the Tucson Shooting occured in 2011? The immediate reaction from the Drive-Bys was to blame Sarah Palin for using a target on Giffords' district saying that we were targeting Giffords for an electoral defeat at the hands of a Tea Party candidate. Remember that? Then, they immediately presumed (or hoped) Jared Loughner was a Tea Party conservative.  Turned out he wasn't. Actually, depending on who you ask, Loughner is either apolitical or a radical leftist.

Or how about in November of 2011? A group of Chechen (that's from the nation commonly called Chechnya, for those of you from Palm Beach County, FL...a former Soviet Bloc nation) carried out a bombing plot to attempt to assasinate Russian President Vladmir Putin. The Media called it the "Chechen Tea Party Bombing." Intriguing since the Tea party is a uniquely American movement. The Drive-By Media willingly and gleefully propegated this lie.

The third example as alluded to above is the 2010 New York City Car Bombing.  Once again, the immediate assumption perpetuated in the Drive-By Media was "Tea Party involved!" It turned out the Tea Party wasn't involved. It turns out the perpetrator was a Pakistani terrorist. Whoops! Fingers crossed hopes that the Tea Party could be blamed for this again are foiled!

So this week we have legitimate Occupy Cleveland members engaging in domestic terrorism. Is this being blamed on the Occupy Movement? No. Nor should it have been. Five members of a group exceeding the prescribed boundaries of their group is not indicative of the group itself. That is not my point.

My point is rather that the Drive-By Media has, in the last two years, done their darndest to blame anything they can possibly shoe horn into the narrative on the Tea Party, both without evidence and without apology when they are disproven. Then when confirmed Occupiers attempt to blow up a bridge, clearly it's not the Occupy Movement's fault.

Liberal Media Bias is on parade again, my friends. Show up early for good seats.