recommendations for my 2013 read list?

it's that time of year again where i build my reading list for the following year.

yes, i'm a readaholic. (maybe you would say "nerd" & that's ok with me.) i'm a readaholic & i can't break the addiction to learning, growing, improving, etc... i know, i know, i should see someone about that.

but i can only read a certain amount of books each year. which means there are hundreds and even thousands of GREAT books that i simply won't have time to read.
Because of that i choose to be EXTREMELY intentional about the books i do read.

i cannot afford to read a crappy book, an average book, or even a kind of good book! that would be a waste of time when there are so many GREAT books.

so, after Thanksgiving every year i start making my READ LIST for the following year. it is SUCH a FUN process for me. i look forward to it like crazy. i usually spend a half a day browsing a couple bookstores + looking through my own massive library + compiling recommendations.
then i narrow down the huge list based on what i need to read that year. i usually have a fairly balanced read list across many genres.

(& i should only have to take 1 more class, so hopefully my read list won't be completely dominated by required reading from professors like 2012 was.)

what are YOUR "MUST READ" books? what are the top 5 books you have ever read? what are the books that blew you away, changed your life for the better, etc...?

& no fiction, please. i only read 1 fiction book per year & i'm all set there. but any other genre.