the last few things to know before you hit 30

this is part 6 & the final installment of 29 Things to Know Before You Hit 30 (from the awesome book by Jason Boyett - The Pocket Guide to Adulthood). enjoy.

24  Paw-Paw and the Value of Stories 
"To know Paw-Paw is to know his story" and i think to know anyone is to know their stories. i love the reminder of the value of story in this chapter for the sake of turning "adult." guide to adulthood = value the story. 

25  Simple Home Maintenance When Dad's Unavailable
i definitely need this one. my wife is they handyman of our home. i have no idea how to do anything. you could show me over & over, it just doesn't make sense in my head.
at least this chapter told me all the home maintenance i should be doing...

26  Don't Go to Pieces: Taking Care of Your Own Bad Self
i guess it's around this age that people have to actually start taking care of themselves. it seems like up until this point "taking care of yourself" pretty much took care of itself. :)
but not anymore.
i actually did cut out coffee cold turkey in my old age. as Jason puts it, "Coffee is to sleep what live monkeys are to a liturgical church service."
& at this age, people gotta manage your time even more wisely. like management experts say to only plan for HALF of your time! wow. i guess that's the way it goes when you're old (or always really).

27  Ask for a Raise Without Coming Across As a Jerk
some fun what TO do and what NOT to do advice. & it's good to remember that being GRATEFUL for your job & still asking for a raise are NOT mutually exclusive. they can & should walk hand in hand.

28  How to Take a Photograph Like a Professional
good tips for better pictures. goes hand in hand with #24 & the stories.

29  Really Handy Index of Brief, Practical Suggestions
just like it sounds, full of advice like = how to hide nicks & scratches, keep cut flowers fresh, increase your car's gas mileage, how to remember a person's name, etc...
all stuff that we should probably know entering adulthood. :)

i hope i have been thoroughly prepared now.