Liberal Rhetoric 101: Memes

No, not that sort of meme.

I'm talking about the Republican "War on Women." Or how about "Republicans want old people to die."  How about when Bill Clinton was being impeached, the story that Clinton was "on trial for having sex" (rather than for committing perjury). Or the argument throughout Election 2012 that "the economy was way worse than Obama knew...and if he hadn't acted it would've been much worse."

The list can continue on and on. The liberal tactic is to repeat these memes over and over and over again.  Eventually, the less intelligent amongst us begin to believe these stories and repeat them as facts. Eventually, after months of repetition from Democrats with the willing participation in broadcasting from the Drive-By Media, the unintelligent amongst us start to believe this is true.

How about this one: In the late 90s, Bill Clinton was being impeached for having sex.

Actually, here's what really happened. In 1994, Paula Jones alleged that then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton had sexually propositioned her. She filed a Civil Suit against then President Clinton. In that suit, President Clinton was called to testify about his relationship with Jones and other women.  The name Monica Lewinski came up as a result. Clinton was asked if he had had sexual relations with Lewinsky, which he famously testified that he had not. He was later proved to have lied in that testimony, committing the crime of perjury.

(For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, perjury is defined as willfully giving false testimony under oath in court.) 

It was for this crime of perjury that he was under investigation and it was for that same crime of perjury (which is a felony).  It was for perjury, not sex, that Clinton was impeached. The US Constitution provides for a trial by the United States Senate, known as Impeachment, in Article II Section 4 of that exaulted document:

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors.

(For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, "high crimes" equals "felonies.")

Clinton was impeached for committing a felony. Perjury. Not for having sex.

These two memes are but a few of the many employed by liberals. Who can forget "Republicans are mean spirited" and "Republicans want old people to die quickly" in recent years?

Or how about the latest favorite of the Left: Conservatives take actual issues that the President impacts (i.e. higher gas prices) through his policies: "Gas is $4 a gallon...thanks Obama!"  This is a legitimate criticism because the President's policies of minimal drilling, refusing the Keystone Pipeline and continuing to push his fantasy "Green Energy" have caused the prices to go up, at least in part.

Liberals, however, are using this as an opportunity for ridicule. You'll see on social media statements like "My coffee maker broke today and now I can't have coffee...thanks Obama!" The goal of this meme is to suggest that blaming Obama for high gas prices is as illegitimate as blaming Obama for Mr. Coffee dying after ten years. Except it isn't. It's a false equivalency in meme form.

Much like pretty much everything in the Liberal Playbook, it's all based on falsehood repeated...and repeated...and repeated. The answer for conservatives, as always, is fight for the truth. Fight as hard as is needed to win this war of words. Our message is logical and clear. Sometimes we just have to fight through the foolishness.