Twitter Files: Proving the Point from "False Cries of Racism"

It's almost too easy. Yesterday I post a blog called Liberal Rhetoric 101: False Cries of Racism. Today, I get this tweet:

Since I'm kind enough to not give this person's name and potentially subject them to internet ridicule at the hands of readers who didn't see the part in the Rules for Comments about following Wheaton's Law, I'm instead going to refer to give this person another name. To make my friend happy, I will refer to our friend as Watered Down. (For the record, @UpstateMetFan is MY Twitter account, not the Watered Down's.)


Dear Watered Down:

First and foremost, you've just proven my point. You have given no actual argument for the United States being racist.  The closest thing was your claim that "the sins of slavery have never been redressed."

Well, Watered Down, I assume you would like the United States to pay a bunch of money to the descendents of slaves, who, in case you were confused, were never actually slaves. Further, that money would be paid by people who never owned slaves. You know how I know this with 100% certainty?  BECAUSE SLAVERY WAS OUTLAWED OVER 147 YEARS AGO! Nobody is old enough to qualify.

Secondly, it turns out that the sins of slavery WERE redressed. Specifically, they were redressed from 1861-1865, when 364,000 men from the United States lost their lives fighting the Confederate States, in addition to an addition 281,000 who were wounded. That's right, my friend. 645,000 men were killed or wounded on the Union Army side alone to end slavery.  (That, by the way, doesn't include the 312,000 Confederates who also were killed in battle). 

The total number of men who died in a war to end slavery was 625,000 in addition to 645,000 wounded. That's 1.27 million men dead or wounded. From a spiritual standpoint that's 1.27 million men whose blood was shed to purge the sin of slavery from the United States.

So you see, Watered Down, not only is your claim of racism a typical liberal false cry of racism, backed up with nothing, it was also completely wrong.

Oh, but this wasn't the last of ol' Watered Down and his responses! Here was another:

Beginning to feel sorry for Watered Down now. His knowledge of history is so far off. In fact, the Civil Rights Act was passed by 80% of Republicans in the House and 82% in the Senate. Ooops! (Source)

Notice how Watered Down failed to give a really any argument at all? Nope, it's just that somehow racism is in the DNA of conservatives and Republicans. This is backed up by...ummm...nope not logic...nope not science...nope not history...ummm....

Watered Down went on to talk about the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act without mentioning (or likely knowing) that it was 18 Democrats and a mere 1 Republican who performed the filibuster.

Then, when faced with this real evidence over hearsay, old Watered Down decided to bring it home with the old gem that liberals love about how "the Democrats USED to be the Republicans and the Republicans USED to be the Democrats." Because, as we know, Democrats don't like their history so they try to steal the Republicans' history. Those who know the real history of Democrats and Republicans know what a farce that story is...but folks like old Watered Down don't give a lick about facts.


The bottom line is this is just another liberal who is smugly replying to a conservative's words, completely unaware how well he's proving my point. And you truly have to love debating an opponent who is that unaware of reality!