Chris Christie is not the Only Winner for the GOP

Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he would not seek the Presidency in 2012.  Certain members of the Republican Party and other conservative mainstays like Ann Coulter are now disappointed.  Perhaps the most outspoken is Republican Strategist Bill Kristol who stated, and I quote:

"If any of them honestly thinks he could win the nomination and the presidency, and would be a better candidate and a better president than the rest of the Republican field—and if there are no show-stopping medical or family issues—doesn’t that public official have some obligation to step up to the plate?

"You don’t have to “feel deeply in [your] heart” that you’re called to run for president. You have to think you’re the right man for the job. And, if that’s the case, you have a duty to your country to step forward." (1)

Look, I think Christie would be a great candidate.  I like his frankness and I like his politics.  I think he would mop the proverbial floor with Obama in the general election.  However, I think other people would also mop the floor with Obama, including Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin.  There is no one person we need to beat Obama.

The question may be asked "who is that one person who can really baet Obama?"  The answer is, quite simply, a dyed in the wool conservative.  It doesn't have to be Christie. It could be Cain or Bachmann or Palin.  Obama is in a free fall and he is headed for a big loss in 2012.  As I said in May of this year, I Hope They Run Obama.  It's our chance to get a real conservative elected. 

Christie would qualify, by the way.  He's not as conservative as I'd like, for the record, he's in that Rockefeller Republican category with a conservative tilt.   That said, he has the huevos to do what needs done and the frankness to convince people to follow him. 

The reality, by the way, is that Christie would be the best thing that ever happened to Rick Perry.  He's not going to take Perry's voters, he'll take Romney's voters...the moderate Rockefeller Republican types, not Rick Perry's voters.  Perry is fighting for the conservative vote.

I like Christie.  I would be happy to support him, and if he changes his mind, he'll join Bachmann and Perry (and possibly Palin if she runs) in the battle for my vote.  He isn't the only guy who can beat Obama.  So many people could beat Obama it's staggering.  We could bring George H.W. Bush out of retirement and run him and HE could beat Obama.  I've said over and over again, Foghorn Leghorn could beat Obama.  Christie not entering isn't devastating to conservatives (at least one's not named Ann Coulter).

(1) It’s Not About You