sometimes i like to just sit and watch the world... watch life happen... and write about it as i see it. it's just a good thing for me to do sometimes.

i like to simply watch and then process what i'm seeing by writing about it.

i rarely ever put that stuff anywhere else besides my "thoughts" file. but i was cleaning op some "thoughts" recently and one of those random musings caused me to think more about becoming a parent soon. so i thought i would thought i would post it here to renown.

The following is what i wrote the week of this past Christmas (2010). i was in New York with my wife's family and i stole away to a Starbucks inside a Target for a little while. here is what i saw and wrote:

I'm watching a mom walk into Target…

in the snow.

Deep snow.

With 5

5 kids.

Tugging 4 across the street all holding hands & carrying one in a
carrying car seat thing.

Until one of the littlest walking boys dropped his zip lock bag of
gold fish & had to run back and get it. Then the chain was broken only for
a few moments.

This mom looks really tired

It's really cold outside and
I have been being a baby about how cold NY is in December.

i've had a revelation sitting here drinking my coffee and watching this scene. maybe one day i'll find out if this "hunch" of mine is actually true:

When you go to the store with 5 kids – you don’t have a good

Another mom is sitting beside me sipping her Starbucks with her 6ish
year old. She just said to him in a very admirable tone – “wow. 5 kids. She must be a

haha - her little boy just said “she must have been like this big around
(motioning with his hands) when she had all of them!” 

mom said “well, they’re
not all the same age.
[as if that explained it enough] She must be a superhero though.”

And superhero she is indeed.

that time thought by me also in a very admirable tone.

Then a guy with a hard core mullet and a huge bald eagle on the back
of his jacket walked by. 


couldn't get my camera open on my phone fast enough though. the sight sufficiently disrupted my thoughts about the world at this moment.