No, Governor Perdue, We Should NOT Suspend Elections

In case you've missed the latest liberal Democrat's lousy suggestion, Governor Beverly Perdue of North Carolina has suggested that we suspend Congressional elections for two years so that congress can just "get things done" without consequences.

The speech, which you can hear at the Daily Caller in it's entirety, was claimed to be "a joke."  Listen to the's absolutely not a joke. It's a serious recommendation from a Democrat governor which would cause our Founding Fathers to turn over in their graves. We have never suspended elections in case of war, or depression, so why would we suspend elections because of an economic downturn?

The answer is, of course, we absolutely should not ever cancel and election, and should only postpone under the most extreme circumstances...which we have yet to see.  To give you a stark example: Mayor Rudy Guliani's term ended three months after the September 11, 2001 after he did not run for a third term in November of 2001, feeling his serving of two terms was his personal limit.  They did not postpone that election or postpone his replacement's inauguration.  Anyone who would claim that our current circumstances are worse than 9/11 is nothing but a sophist.

The truth is the Democrat party and Governor Perdue are aware that the 2012 Congressional elections could make the 2010 Shelacking seem like a small loss.  Nothing at the ballot box has suggested otherwise, from the 2009 elections of Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey and Bob McDonnell in Virginia to the thumping in 2010 to the loss of Anthony Weiner's seat in Queens, NY, we see that the Left is on the run. 

This fact is the real shade of this comment.  "We're going to get shellacked know what...let's not have elections...that get things done and stuff...for the American people.  Yeah, that's it.  Get stuff done for the American people."

Bottom line: Our founders intended elected officials to be constantly under accountability via regular elections.  Especially the People's House, the House of Representatives.  Governor Perdue, we will not suspend elections.  You and your party better prepare yourselves for another electoral shelacking at the ballot box in 2012.