Obama Back Pedals as Romney Advances

Last week, Barack Obama made the claim "if you have a business, you didn't do it all on your own." Since then, the President has been back pedalling. He knows he stepped in a big, smelly pile of dog doo, friends. That's the bad news for the President, and it's telegraphed in liberal polls where the President's favorability numbers are dropping and the Drive-By Media is scrambling for an excuse.

In the mean time, Governor Mitt Romney found something he seemed to have lost since the primary season, his...errr, shall we say...marbles. Since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, Governor Romney's marbles had seem to have disappeared under the sofa. Not sure where they went. He was busy saying how President Obama was just a nice guy who didn't have a clue in some misguided, marble-less attempt to win over the independent swing-voter.

Then, just as the President was placing his wing-tip directly in a smelly pile of dog doo, someone in the Romney house must've vacuumed under the sofa, because...(taa-daa!)...there's Mitt's marbles! Governor Romney went and shined those bad boys up and took them out for a spin, going right after President Obama as needed to be done, about his claim that "business owners don't deserve the credit for succeeding, government does...so pay more taxes!"

This ad, which debuted Thursday online for Governor Romney, was one big marble-filled run at the President's absolutely ridiculous claim:

BAM! Mitt nailed it! It was about time Governor Romney found those marbles and went after President Obama. Believe me, the President will lie through his teeth to beat Governor Romney. He's already had a surrogate call Mitt a felon based on false and unproven claims then refused to apologize when he was hammered for his false claims. When facing a President who is going to lie to keep his office, it seems that it's wise for Governor Romney to go ahead and tell the truth, for crying out loud!

This ad, I hope, signals a big shift in the Romney campaign. One can only hope Mitt's marbles will stay out and in his pockets so he can fight the good fight and win. President Obama's certainly not done falsifying stories to suit his desire to keep his job. Governor Romney needs to stay on the attack. There's plenty of completely true things to attack with President Obama. Do that, Mitt...keep those marbles shined up and in your pocket at all times...and you will be our nation's 44th President.