Rumor Mill: Romney Could Pick a Female VP?

That's what Ann Romney mentioned in a recent interview with CBS. My reaction ultimately is "who?"

If the Romney campaign goes and picks a woman as a gimmick, it's pointless. At least for a Republican candidate. (The type of person who is most likely to vote style over substance isn't generally a Republican voter anyway.)  It's 2012, friends, and picking someone who happens to have two X chromosomes is not going to be helpful. No, friends, what Mitt needs is what John McCain needed four years ago: An energetic, young conservative.

Now there are some prospects that fit both bills. Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina is one example. Another is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.  Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennesee would be a good choice. How about New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez?  All these women would make great running mates for Mitt.

But the thing is none of them are better than a Paul Ryan, or Bobby Jindall, or Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio, or any other young and exciting male conservative. Because ultimately THAT'S what Romney needs: a strong conservative, one who is charasmatic and can excite the conservative base. Not a gimmick, but a conservative.

Despite how liberals re-write history, Sarah Palin wasn't a gimmick. She was a strong conservative. Then the McCain campaign went and dropped the ball with her, not letting her go out and be a strong conservative. Only then once she was misused did she become a gimmick. Ultimately the Romney campaign must be sure not to make the same mistake. Mitt needs a conservative. If he picks that, gender and race could make a difference. If he doesn't, picking a wimpy moderate woman won't win many votes. Barack Obama already will get most of the style over substance votes.