Shock of Shocks! Obama Campaign Deficit Spending!

For those of you who aren't paying attention, the 2012 Federal Budget deficit is projected to be $1.8 Trillion of a $4.05 Trillion budget (just shy of a 27% deficit). So it shouldn't be a shock that the President's campaign in June spent nearly 21% more than he took in.

Shocking, right? Especially for a President who we're told at every turn is a strong re-election candidate...and one who was supposed to run a $1 Billion campaign.  (I hope you're picking up my sarcasm...because I'm laying it on pretty thick.)

So what about the President's opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney? Well, Governor Romney has out fundraised President Obama now two months in a row. In May, he raised more than $17 million than the President, and in June, he raised more that TWICE AS MUCH as President Obama, raising $60 Million more than the President.

Nobody should be particularly shocked that President Obama is spending beyond his income...his entire governmental premise is centered around spending more than exists. Perhaps he'll suggest next to force the wealthy to donate more money to him...calling it their "fair share" or something.
Democrats are also expressing concern at the way the President is burning through money in his re-election campaign.  Of specific note is the fact that the President spent $2.6 Million on polling alone! That should tell you something. President Obama is trying very hard to stick his finger in the air and say what you want to hear again, like he did in 2008. My guess (and this is just me hypothesizing folks) is he's also trying to find out if he can improve his private poll numbers, because I do not believe his private polls are showing him as strongly as what the published national polls are showing, because it would be foolish for any candidate to use the skewed samples that are commonplace amongst the Drive-By Media.

Bottom line, if the President can't even raise more money than Governor Romney, and if he's got to spend more than he has to get re-elected, rest assured, President Obama is in danger of being fired. Game on.