Liberal Rhetoric 101: Double Standards

You can't talk about your faith in Jesus Christ in public, but you can definitely tell everyone about your private sex life and be celebrated for it.

You can't tell a woman that it's wrong for her to destroy her unborn child in the womb, but it's perfectly fine to tell people they shouldn't smoke tobacco, drink sugary beverages, and eat trans-fats (which only hurts themselves).

Don't you dare criticize someone's religious faith...unless they're Christians or Jews. Then go for it!

When there is a slow response by FEMA to Hurricane Katrina, it's totally George W. Bush's fault! When there's a slow response by FEMA to Hurricane Sandy, you can't blame Barack Obama!

Bill Clinton commits perjury but it's just fine because he lied about sex (under oath). Newt Gingrich has an extramarital affair but doesn't lie about it under oath, and he has to resign.

The 1% are evil! (Except for Steve Jobs, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon...)

Celebrate Diversity! (Except for conservatism, Christianity, or white people in general.)

There are so many examples of liberal double standards, spoken by politicians and college professors, repeated by Drive-By Media, regurgitated by liberals everywhere. Oh, there's always some excuse...often accusing conservatives of being the hypocrite to deflect their own hypocrisy.

Ultimately, the answer is to reject the premise that "one hypocrite in a camp means you can't say a word, even if you're not the hypocrite." Perhaps Newt Gingrich should have had to resign...but so should have Bill Clinton (especially since he committed a crime -- perjury -- and Gingrich was only morally wrong in his actions). If you don't want to hear people talk about their sexual orientation in public, don't complain when Tim Tebow praises the name of Jesus Christ. Either all religions are fair game for criticism or none are. It's that simple.

As always, the answer is to break down the ridiculousness of the premise and force your liberal opponent to debate with one standard. When that is required, few liberals can even hang in the debate.