Reactions to the Gosnell Verdict

Kermit Gosnell is guilty and some of my faith in this country has been restored.

On Monday, a jury found Gosnell guilty of three counts of murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter and countless lesser charges.

While Gosnell's actions were absolutely reprehensible and I would have far preferred that these children weren't murdered, the silver lining here is that his trial has shone a light on the realities of abortion. Stories have been told of individuals who were pro-choice have realized the reality of abortion -- and what is really going on in these procedures -- is as evil as those of us who are pro-life have said for years.

Gosnell is a murderer, plain and simple. He destroyed countless human lives in the womb, including several after he managed to botch the procedure destroying viable, living human beings.  That's called murder, friends.

This verdict does give me hope for America. It gives me hope that there are people who have risen past the canned liberal rhetoric that refers to destroying an unborn human as a "choice" and "a woman's body" instead of paying attention to the right to life of that unborn child.

A jury has convicted Gosnell of murder for these atrocities. Now perhaps we can have a real conversation about the nature of abortion in America?

The real issue is one of protecting a human life. Despite how liberals keep the focus on the pregnant woman (who, in nearly all cases made the conscious choice to have consensual sex which caused her pregnancy), the real focus ought to be the child.

My good friend and fellow blogger the JC_Freak shared with me an article where a pro-choice columnist actually had their mind changed by the Gosnell trial. Thank the Lord! Even though the Drive-By Media has largely ignored this trial, the story is out there and we can FINALLY have a real discussion about the travesty that is abortion without faltering to false cliches about "privacy" and "a woman's body."

Just in case someone who reads this
needs to have reality explained to them...

A jury has declared that Gosnell was guilty of murder. They were 100% correct. Now, let's have a real discussion about abortion that isn't entirely focused on the mother (who, as we discussed before, made the conscious choice to have sex in 99% of cases) and instead remember there is a second human being involved in the discussion -- THE BABY!