Liberal Rhetoric 101: Just Pass a Law, Problem Solved!

I think this meme pretty wonderfully sums up the pure lack of logic in the liberal attempts to pass laws to stop gun violence by passing new laws. After the Sandy Hill Elementary Shooting, after the Colorado Shooting, and after pretty much any gun violence, liberal Democrats begin to push for the passing of new gun restrictions. As always they ignore the fact that not only do the criminals involved have no issues committing the crimes of murder and attempted murder, but also that the vast, vast majority of gun crimes do not in fact involve legally obtained guns.

Now let's take the above comparison of marijuana. Whether or not you believe it marijuana should be legalized, it is completely illegal in 26 states, 8 states have decriminalized possesion in small quantities but retained criminalization of sale of large quantities, 7 states have made it legal ONLY with a doctor's prescription, 7 have both medical marijuana and decriminalization laws in place and only 2 have legalized it for recreational use.

Does anyone want to tell me that marijuana use is stopped in the 26 states where it is illegal or that it is only used for medical purposes in the 7 states where it is only legal with a prescription? For that matter, does anyone believe people who want to obtain marijuana are stopped by these laws? OF COURSE NOT!

So why would any rational person believe that gun control laws would stop criminals from obtaining guns to commit crimes? It turns out criminals don't follow laws...only law abiding citizens do.

The answer is: "It wouldn't!" But liberals are convinced that passing a law would make a difference. Liberals want to make a difference, they generally mean least the Neighborhood Liberals do...but the results don't matter.

Yet, to go back to what we said above, how many people smoke marijuana even though it's illegal. And that's not even a violent crime motivated by hate.  Criminals DON'T follow laws. A gun criminal is already committing at least one crime: murder or attempted murder. But, they're apparently going to stop committing that crime which they have planned and premeditated because it's illegal for them to have a particular gun.

The only people who will be stopped from buying guns are law-abiding citizens. You know, the ones who would use those guns for protection. Perhaps those law-abiding citizens would use their legally purchased and licensed guns to stop a murderer?

Bottom line, passing a law only effects law-abiding citizens.  It doesn't effect criminals. Because criminals don't follow laws, by definition.