80% & LIVE

"i realized that 80% and done/shared/live is better than 100% and in my head."
- Jon Acuff

when i heard that it was profound. i knew in that moment that i am a "100% in my head type person." and that's a curse i've gotta shrug.

i heard it from Jon Acuff (who btw has the funniest blog in the world that you should read HERE.) he was talking about this at North Point a little over a year ago when he was talking to the Children's staff.

i have learned that i have this weird thing in my personality that forces me to be ALL OR NOTHING. sometimes it's probably good, but in this case (and others) i know it's bad.

so if i can't do something all out or 100% or as grand as it is in my head... then i just wait until the day that i really can do it ALL the way. because for me - it's all or nothing.
the problem with that is there's a lot of nothing because there's a lot of stuff i'd love to do all out but simply will never have the time.

so 80% & live was a revelation for me.
i'm not talking about excellence. i still think all of us should do everything with excellence or don't even bother doing it.

i guess i'm talking more about perfection vs. function. i need to focus on getting 80% of the way there and functional. just throw it out there. do some good with it (whatever it is) & that's way better than just waiting for the day it hits 100% (if that day even ever comes).

i'm trying to operate this way from now on. not lowering my standard - like 80% is good enough. there's a healthy balance. i can take small steps.
God has given me a certain amount of time. just get it out of my head & onto the page. just get it running. have the meeting. implement the process. put it on the calendar.

get it 80% of the way and maybe bring it along the last 20% after it's up & running.

whatever that looks like for you - go for it.

we might just change the world.

80% of the way anyway. which is better than thinking about a 100% better world in our heads.