i don't know, i just made the word up.
so i guess i can invent it's definition too.

"vassion" - noun. The passion that goes along with a vision... so, VASSION.

i'm extremely familiar with vassion. it's my favorite thing about vision. and in my case (and every case i know) along with vision and passion comes emotion.

"There is NO SUCH THING as an emotionless vision."
- Andy Stanley

Andy writes some awesome stuff about passion & vision walking hand in hand in his book Visioneering.

Stuff i can relate to like: “A clear, focused vision actually allows us to experience ahead of time the emotions associated with our anticipated future. These emotions serve to reinforce our commitment to the vision.” 

YES! i LOVE that! This is the feeling i feel. Where i get all jacked up over a vision because my emotions are literally experiencing what i'm dreaming about.
i'm thinking about the world as it could be and as it should be NOT as it is... and my emotions follow along. it's hard to explain, but it's real this vassion thing,