this new world is here to stay

i hear a lot of people say that this "postmodernism thing" is just a fad. it's just the "new" thing right now... it's a one hit wonder that will stick around for a few years and we'll never hear from it again.

i have yet to hear anyone say that who actually knows what postmodernism is and understands it. or else they wouldn't be saying that sort of thing.

the experts have been predicting it since at least Michael Polanyi in the 50s.

and in the words of the famous missiologist David J. Bosch -
“The ‘post’ phenomenon is not just a fad. We have truly entered into an epoch fundamentally at variance with anything we have experienced to date.”

postmodernism is a new world. 

the world as we knew it will never be the same again.

like it or dislike it. good or bad. we are living in the postmodern era.

it might even take another 50 years for it to fully arrive. but it is here now.

no need to fight it. that would be like fighting the rising of the sun. it's happening. so don't waste your energy.
spend your time figuring out how we're going to live in this new world. 

because when you live in a new world you have to figure out how to live and do everything you do all over again.