staff quote of the day (repost)

(This was originally posted on February 23, 2009.)

We - the staff at Ridge Church - have a lot of fun most days. Usually there is at least 1 quote of the day. Some days there are lots of them, but one usually rises to the top as THE quote of the day...

Today there was indeed a quote that rose to the top! It is credited to Melissa & no context is needed for this quote of the day winner:
"Other than the beard she's a pretty girl."

oh wow. Is there anything that doesn't belong in that sentence? OTHER THAN THE BEARD she's a pretty girl? haha, that's like saying "Other than being ugly, she's a pretty girl." It just doesn't work. (Although this is better than the coverups people use when they think someone's ugly = "but she's really nice" OR "she has a great personality." Just for the record I think it is always wrong to say someone is ugly... no matter how you say it.)

Haha - thanks Melissa, for the good laugh. This all took place in the midst of deep and enlightening staff conversations over burgers & fries @ Five Guys. & now I'm full.