4th generation die hard Yankees fan almost here

all seems right with the world when the Yankees are in the playoffs. it's the beauty of October.

and it's possible - just a slight possibility - that my 1st child will be born while the Yankees are in the World Series. and i think that would be awesome.

Because this 1st child of mine is coming into the world, day 1, as a 4th generation, die hard Yankees fan.

his dad (me) came into the world as a 3rd generation die hard Yankees fan. i had no choice but to love the Yankees. it's in my blood.

my dad was a Yankees fan as a kid before me and his dad was a big Yankees fan before him.

Staying at my grandfather's house 1 time i found all my dad's old notebooks in the basement - tons of notebooks filled with all the box scores from whole seasons of Yankees games my dad would listen to on the radio. that's dedication. it was all Mantle, Maris, and those names in the notebooks.
pretty cool for a 9 year old avid Yankees fan like myself to stumble onto.

i grew up watching all the Yankees games with my dad. like a tradition. we went to Yankees stadium together. something we'll never forget.

in my mind and heart loving the Yankees is just something you do as a father & son. that's the way it makes sense in my brain.

so whether i have a son or daughter... i can't wait to start making memories and traditions around the Yankees. HOPEFULLY we may even get to start this year in the World Series when they are 1 day old.

(but also hopefully it won't be being born right during a World Series Yankees game... that would be tough.)