dave ramsey's talk part 2

this is part 2 of my takeaways from Dave Ramsey's talk at Catalyst 2011 last week. you can read part 1 HERE.

the continuation of Dave's Core philosophies for his organization
5 Things that Caused Us to Win

3  Slow and Steady Matters 
do not let your pace go faster than your resources.
i love this simple line of thinking that i need to be reminded of SO often = "Either God is gonna send me the money to do the deal... or i'm not gonna do the deal." simple as that. i needed that.

this principle is echoes the children's story of The Tortoise and the Hare. we live in a culture full of Hares, but every time i read the book the Tortoise wins the race. there's something to that.
i'm definitely a Hare though. trying to sprint in this marathon. i don't know what it takes to remind myself and discipline myself to be slow and steady.
nothing happens fast. START today, but it's a marathon. just go at it slow and steady every day. and then one day...
4  Financial Principles in Your Organization Matter
Dave said, "you didn't think i was going to talk all this time and not mention money at least once did you?"
to be honest, i was still writing about #s 1-3 and pretty much missed everything he said about this. just being honest.

5  A Higher Calling Matters
if we're in it for something beyond the money then that makes a big difference in our org. we get a date on our tombstone that we're born and a date on our tombstone when we die. hopefully mine looks something like 1982 - 2080.
Dave repeated a question about this that could seem cliche, but in context it was not:
"what are you going to do with the dash?"

more great stuff from Catalyst 2011 on the way.