Actually, President Obama, it's the Democrats Blocking the Jobs Bill

President Obama has spent the last couple weeks lambasting the Republican Party for not taking up his Jobs Bill. Once again, Obama wants to paint the GOP as "obstructionists" for not letting him do more damage to the economy.  More importantly, however, it's not the GOP who is blocking Obama's bill from coming to a vote!  It's the President's own party.

Now that's not what Obama is saying, of course...he's saying:

Eric Cantor said that right now, he won't even let this jobs bill have a vote in the House of Representatives. That's what he said. Won't even let it be debated. (1)

See there's one big problem with this claim by Obama:  The Jobs Bill CAN'T be debated on the floor of the doesn't have a sponsor! (2)  You see, Mr. President, in both houses of Congress, a bill needs a sponsor who is a member of that house to allow it to even come to a debate.  No Democrat in the House of Representatives wants to sponsor your bill.  It couldn't be voted on if Eric Cantor wanted it to be voted on!

What about the Senate?  The Democrats control the there MUST be debate and a vote scheduled for the bill there, right?  Actually, no...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to let the bill come to a vote when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called for a vote.  (3)  Of course, the President called this a "parlor trick."  So apparently this means anything except for voting for Obama's bill is a parlor trick in the President's eyes?

Bottom line, Mr. President, is that YOUR PARTY won't take your bill up for a vote.  Not even your party wants this bill...that's how bad this bill really's unpassable!  Sorry Mr. President, nobody wants your bill.  Not even Democrats.

(1) Obama knocks GOP leader, says GOP blocks jobs vote

(2) Hoyer Says He Backs Obama’s Jobs Bill, But It Has No House Co-Sponsors – Not Even Hoyer

(3) Reid resists McConnell’s move to take up the president’s jobs bill