Is Obama Even Trying?

Seriously, friends.  The President has proposed the same bad bill again in the Jobs Bill that failed when it was called the Stimulus Package.  He's proposed a deficit reduction that is predicated on raising taxes on the very people that create jobs, something that is guaranteed to be in direct contradiction to his desire for jobs in the Jobs Bill.  Essentially he's proposed two bills have have about as much chance of being passed as the approval for the Football with Puppies in Place of Balls League of America* being granted. 

The Jobs Bill is so very bad that the Democrat Senate won't even take up the measure.  His deficit reduction bill calls for tax increases, which we all know won't pass the Republican House (nor should it) because we cannot trust government to spend those new revenues on paying down debt.  We need to starve government by refusing to feed it's addiction. 

By the way, it turns out the American people ARE paying attention, by the way, because according to a new Rassmussen poll, 62% of Americans believe tax increases would be spent on new programs, only 23% believe that new revenue would be used to pay down debt. (1)

The question must be begged: Is Obama even trying at this point?  He has no reason to believe these policies will work as advertised...or else they would have worked the first time Obama tried it.  He also knows the bill won't be passed.  He knows he can't get his policies enacted, and despite his "getting things done" argument he won't get the things done that a) the people want and b) will get passed (see: Balanced Budget Amendment).

My conclusion must be that no...Obama is not fix the nation's problems.  What he is trying to do is precisely what we on the Right told you he was trying to do: remake America into a socialist nation.  He wants to redistribute wealth not because it will help the economy but because he thinks it's the best thing to do.  So this jobs bill is all about blaming the GOP for his own failures...that way he can get another four years to do more "changing." 


(1) If Taxes Hiked to Reduce Deficit, 62% Think It Will Be Spent on New Programs
*The FPPBLA is a completely made up league.  Also, I love dogs so I wouldn't watch if it was real.