It's Always the Cover-Up, Not the Actual Crime, Mr. President

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard that that Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress last week for failing to provide documentation on Operation Fast and Furious.  The claim from the White House is "national security."

The question must be asked of the White House is this: What national security concerns?  We are talking about Mexico, right? You know that nation to our south who's rear end we could kick about as fast as we won the Gulf War in 1991? So apparently there's some kind of national security concern with MEXICO? While we're at it, let's be afraid of Canada and maybe Malta. 

Friends, I'm going to go on record to say this thing stinks of a cover-up. While I've avoided commenting on this until now, it's been in the back of my mind that this may well have been an intentional operation organized by the Obama Administration to make a move against our 2nd Amendment rights. Or maybe the Obama Administration knew nothing to plan this operation but some chronie of the President's did it and now he's covering their butt for them. Let's even assume the latter is more likely.

Time for a history lesson. Most people know the Watergate Scandal was what caused President Richard M. Nixon to resign in disgrace. What most people do not know is that President Nixon did not have anything to do with the actual break-in at the Watergate office complex. His campaign did that without his knowledge. What he did do was cover up for his associates in his re-election campaign.

So even if President Obama had absolutely zero knowledge of Fast and Furious, the cover-up is a problem.  The type of problem that ended a presidency in 1974. Now in Obama's case, there wouldn't be time for him to be forced to resign or impeached, because I believe that such a scandal if it came to light before November would seal is defeat. And even if it didn't, I remain confident that Obama will lose his job in November anyway just based on failure to govern with any success.

Friends, I watch this story with great interest, as I know many of you are. The Drive-By Media has tried very hard to avoid...but it's becoming apparent that the conservative branch the media is making sure it doesn't fly. I hope President Obama gathers what he must from history: It wasn't the scandal that brought down Nixon. If Nixon had let G. Gordin Libby and the Committee to Re-Elect the President suffer the consequences of their illegal actions, Nixon would have stayed in office and we likely would never have seen Gerald Ford as President.

To go to a more modern story, Bill Clinton would not have been impeached if all he had done was have an affair. What brought him down was committing perjury in the civil trial with Paula Jones and in Congress. That was what he was impeached for, not for having an affair. Once again, it was the attempt to cover up the crime, not the crime itself, that impeached Clinton.

I close with this: Mr. President, it's never the scandal, but the cover-up that brings down Presidents. Learn from history, and comply with Congress. Especially if you're innocent.