Letter Bag: Voter ID Realities, Part II

Well, you just knew I couldn't give liberals so many facts and figures against their favorite argument on Voter ID laws without getting a pointless response.  So here's what we got, anonymously, earlier this week:

You ignorant southern hick! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a photo ID? Do you realize how many blacks and hispanics who can't afford proper ID you are leaving in the dirt with these laws?!

Dear Bam-Bam:

OK, first of all, I'm from NEW YORK. Not the South. I talk about it all the time. Get a map.

Secondly, Bam-Bam, do YOU have any idea how many people don't have ID?  Turns out I did have that little detail in my post:


Oh, and to that less than 1% with no photo ID, I'd say voting is the least of their problems. Because, unless they are a subsistence farmer living on a piece of land that they own due to squaters rights, they are unable to find a place to LIVE. You need photo identification to rent or buy a home.

Also, these "poor people left in the dirt" as you so astutely put it, are also left in the dirt from buying cough syrup, alcohol, allergy pills, tobbaco, lottery tickets, register for school, cash a check, open a bank account, apply for government benefits, get on an airplane, or enter a government building. So once again, Bam-Bam, these people have far greater problems than not being able to vote.

Do I have any idea how difficult it is to get a photo ID? Yes. I have one. When I obtained my first photo ID (my learner's permit at 16 years old) I needed I believe it was my social security card and birth certificate. Really wasn't that hard to get. By the way, to get a non-driver ID card, it costs about ten bucks in my state. Yeah. Ten bucks. Considering the laundry list of things one cannot do without that photo ID (see above), Bam-Bam, it seems like something basically all adults need to do anyway.

So actually, not that hard to get set up now is it, Bam-Bam? My suggestion is this. Take a break from saying one word over and over, and spend five minutes researching your point before making it. Ask Pebbles for help. She seems smart.