the ouiji board chased me!

when i was a kid in school we would occasionally get shown these videos that had the sole purpose of SCARING us.

One of these videos was about Ouija boards and the intention was to scare anyone out of ever being near one.

basically, a Ouija board is this game that kids used to play. you would ask the board a Question, put your hands on the little pointer & it would spell out an answer for you or simply say "yes" or "no". kind of like a Magic 8 Ball.

so the video was basically saying that the Devil or demons were behind it. that Ouija boards were REAL. controlled by the power of Satan... or each one had a demon in it. something like that.

pretty freaky video for a Tuesday after lunch.

it freaked my whole class out. THEY had all never even heard of a Ouija board.

(side note: these videos they would show us were also about 20 years behind. so they would attempt to scare us out of doing stuff that everyone had stopped doing 20 years ago anyway. i guess the school just didn't know that. no wonder everyone else in my class had never heard of one.)

i was the only one who had heard of one. & i had heard of it because there was 1 sitting on the shelf in our game room!

(enter "du du du..." eerie music!)

yep, apparently a straight from hell Ouija board was sitting on the shelf in our game room right between Monopoly and Boggle. in a room i walked through every day.
It was my Mom's when she was a little girl. they used to play with it and ask it Questions, etc... probably back in whatever year people used to actually play them. and we had a lot of other old board games in the stack... stuff that had come from her house when she was a little girl. kind of like nostalgic old games, etc...

i always just thought the Ouija board was like those other old games i didn't know anything about like Othello and Backgammon. they all kind of looked the same to me. old & dusty. so they all went into the same category in my brain :)

little did i know that this one was haunted. until i watched the video, of course.

my classmates freaked out when they found out there was one at my house. they were freaked out for me. they were all like "dude,  you got the devil in your house!" and stuff like that.

i went straight home and explained the whole video to my Mom. she of course assured me it was just a game little kids play... there were no demons in it, etc...
but after that video i was convinced the game was haunted.


when my Mom wasn't looking i threw the OUIJA board away!

took it straight outside to the big trash can at the road because the truck was going to pick it up and haul it away the next morning.

i felt so much better when that demon possessed thing was out of my house.

my friends were also relieved when they heard i had disposed of it. 

but the next day when i walked in the door from school... and looked up on the shelf in the game room...


just sitting there on the shelf just like it had been for years. same spot. like it had NEVER left.

Even if i wasn't convinced before, now there was no denying that the devil was in that thing!
obviously the thing eerily moved back into my house through the help of some demons or something crazy supernatural like that. i was living out Paranormal Activity over a decade before it released!

i quickly grabbed it from the shelf and ran it straight back outside to the garbage can!

but the next day...

yep, you guessed it - it was back again!
this thing was chasing me! i think i was big time freaked out at this point. as you would have been.

this time my Mom was home and i think i frantically ran into the next room and told her what was happening and how we were gonna have to move because our house was haunted now because of the Ouija board, etc...

she just started laughing.

i'm like "this is no time to laugh - we gotta get out of here!"

then she calmly explained to me how she was surprised to see her Ouija board from childhood in the trash can & how she fished it out and put it back on the shelf 2 days in a row. she was like "i wondered who was throwing away my Ouija board?" :)

i was still pretty freaked and tried to convince her we should throw it away for real. i can't honestly remember what happened to it? i should see if my Mom still remembers that.

anyway, no point to the story really - although i'm sure you could make a million applications - just a funny story that makes me laugh every time i think about it.

that's no comment about what i think of Ouija boards either... just meant to be a funny story.