What Does Today's WI Recall Election Mean?

Today, the voters of Wisconsin will go to the polls to decide whether or not Governor Scott Walker will keep his job. The polls suggest he will, but what does it mean?

Ultimately, if Walker wins out, this should be considered a massive victory for the Tea Party and fiscal sanity. Walker's reforms have saved Wisconsin from a massive budget shortfall and genuinely saved the state budget. Despite kicking and screaming from the Wisconsin Unions, who have whined and complained that it's just not fair to ask them to not make salaries that far exceed their employers (the people of Wisconsin) and to pay a small portion of their own pensions and benefits (you know, like the rest of us).

This vote will also be worth noting for the Presidential election. Remember, in 2008, Barrack Obama won the state handily with a 14% margin of victory.  If Walker wins, I think you can see a path to victory for Mitt Romney in November in Wisconsin.  It means that fiscal sanity has taken precedence in that state over Keynsian Economics and big government spending. It means that the people of Wisconsin have accepted fiscal sanity and agreed to move forward with this path of sanity. And people who are voting for fiscal sanity are not likely to vote for Obama, unless they are genuinely not paying attention. The same can be said in the state of Ohio, where similar reforms have been enacted (without recall, mind you).  I think one can see a clear path to victory in Ohio as well for Governor Romney.

Now, the Drive-By Media doesn't want this to be believed. They want you to believe Obama is still somehow a strong candidate. They want you to believe that Americans are in favor of more irresponsible spending. But Wisconsin, a blue state in the last five Presidential elections, is voting on the state level in a way that suggests it could easily go red. That's not a good sign for the President.

Friends, if you want to know what the Wisconsin Recall means, I'll tell you: It means that fiscal sanity is winning out in that state. It means that the people of the state of Wisconsin have not bought into the liberal cries of wolf. It means that they have seen the results of conservative governing and they've seen it work.

It also means that Big Unions are losing their power.  States are removing the public union's ability to force employees to join them as a qualification of joining. It means a huge financial money laundering scheme on the part of the Democrat Party is about to die in the form of Right to Work legislation across the nation.

I fully expect Scott Walker to win this election. Reactions later this week. What it will mean is a win for conservatism. And, perhaps most importantly, it means trouble for Barrack Obama come November. Game on.