i wanna be that guy

(and no, i don't wanna be Truett Cathy... not that guy.)

yesterday i wrote something i've been thinking about for a while. a KEY to seeing success in a mission is NOT CARING WHO GETS THE CREDIT! you can read that HERE.

then last night i was reading over some old Drive Conference 2010 thoughts i posted last year. i just stumbled on this awesome quote from Mr. Chic-Fil-A himself in one of those posts [HERE].
i wrote my article without thinking about this quote, but Truett is pretty much saying the same thing:

"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't care who gets the credit." - Truett Cathy

i want to be that man! (that's what i wrote in my notebook...i wanna be that guy!) i want to be that man who doesn't care who gets the credit!
can you imagine? NO LIMIT!!!

i will work hard like crazy. i will do all kinds of stuff to advance the mission. i will do everything i can to make a lot of great things happen. i want to be a part of changing the world.
but as long as it happens i really don't care if anyone knows it was me that made it happen.

how much time would i waste making sure someone else knows what i did so i could get the credit? 5 minutes? that's 5 minutes too many to be wasted on that.
credit? really? who cares?

it's ALL ABOUT the mission.