i've noticed something interesting over the past couple years.

1st of all, i usually strike up conversations with most people. people who work certain places remember me when i come back.

but, when you change your hair every few months - those loose acquaintance/"friends" don't know who you are.
People like Starbucks baristas, waitresses, Borders peeps, etc...

i'll walk in and say "hi" like i always do, but they say "hi" in a very different way. a way that lets me know they have no idea who i am. because usually they say something like "hi, good to see you again."

now i'm used to it. nobody can keep up.

short light brown & spiky --> long brown --> longer brown --> long blonde --> long blonde and red --> shorter red & blonde --> blonde faux hawk --> brown faux hawk --> short brown + beard --> blonde & red faux hawk + beard --> raggedy brown, blonde, & red + beard --> Black (currently).

what can i say... i just get bored.
(which i guess will come in handy if i'm ever on the run & need to go incognito)