St. Paddy's and March Madness!

what an awesome combination!

my favorite holiday (because it's my name's sake & Irish & fun) + one of the greatest times of year (NCAA March Madness)
all kicking off the same day! wow... like a dream come true.

there's just nothing quite like March Madness.

& St. Patrick was no slouch himself. i'm proud to be named after him. (actually i was named after my great great grandfather Patrick O'Hennessey who came over on the boat from Ireland.)

Contrary to what you might think - St. Patrick wasn't even Irish. He was Scottish, but kidnapped by the Irish as a kid And then followed God BACK to the land of his kidnappers as a missionary! that's pretty hard core!

He did some crazy awesome stuff for the sake of the Kingdom & lived FAR from a glamorous life... pretty much lived in poverty for the sake of the only renown that matters.

Patrick lived a life worth telling stories about and then died 1,550 years ago today.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!