your vision is too small

If your vision doesn't exceed your ability, then your vision is too small.

(i actually wrote that. wow, surprised myself because it's pretty fancy... like an Andy Stanley quote or something. of course i did write this line in my journal while reading Andy's book Visioneering.)

THEN next in my journal i wrote "i'm pretty sure... right?" haha.
i am right, don't you think? i mean, if your vision is not bigger than what you're actually able to do... that's not even a vision. that's just mediocrity. 

that's just blah.




because if it doesn't exceed YOUR ability and competency and capacity then it's not truly a God-sized vision.

i've got some crazy vision that is so far beyond my ability & competency. some days it just feels plain crazy.

maybe it is.
but i'm going for it.