Japan earthquake - 2 very different stories

Tonight i was watching my wife read some stories about the Japan earthquake. She was telling me some of the horrible stuff surrounding the devastation.
my heart isn't able to handle much of this stuff.

i heard the Prime Minister (or someone like that) said this was the worst devastation the country has seen since the horrific atomic bombings in World War 2.

i looked over and saw she googled something general like "Japan Earthquake". There were 2 top stories for "news results".
Here is what i saw:

Japan earthquake death toll estimated at over 10,000

Japan earthquake stalls Nissan electric car production

i had to do a double take. i was like "what?" really? the top 2 stories? 10,000 people are dead. wow. we cannot even process that. what an awful, horrific event.

oh yeah, but of course our world is just as wrapped up in the fact that we're going to have to wait a little longer for those guys to make the cool electric cars.
are you kidding me?