"If you put 1/10 the energy of complaining into solving the problem you would be surprised how well it works out."
- Randy Pausch

now, i think that statement is one to live by. seriously.

usually when we complain we are not thinking logically. at all. it's 100% emotional. which causes us to focus on the problem and just complain.

which does no one ANY good.
at all.

in fact it does a lot of harm most of the time.
but we don't realize it because, if you remember, we're not thinking logically.

but what if you took just 10% of that "complaining energy" and reallocated it toward solving the problem at hand... i.e. - actually doing something about it?

wow. you could be surprised.

my goal is a little different though. i think i'm a cold turkey kind of guy. forget the 10%. i want to reallocate 100% of the energy from complaining to productively working to fix, solve, create solutions.

i hope i'm surprised at how well it works out.