On Monday i wrote a few thoughts about "a new way of believing". you should read that HERE before reading below.

So if it's about a way of "being" in the world and not just "believing" things about the world, then Peter Rollins' approach "emphasizes the priority of love: not as something which stands opposed to knowledge of God, or even as simply more important than knowledge of God, but more radically still, as knowledge of God."

love = knowledge of God

WOW! did you catch that? real, true knowledge of God = LOVE. not facts, theology, knowing stuff, reading books, having all our beliefs lined up, etc...

but LOVE is as good as it gets when it comes to knowing God.

because think about it... love is the chief thing. without love i am nothing. Jesus summed it all up with love. and GOD IS LOVE!

what better way to know someone than to become what they are?