it's all over

the Champions League Final has been over for a couple hours now. done & dusted.

The best team in the world is now crowned as the best team in the world. i was cheering against them but still appreciate how beautiful they are to watch.

i'm just thankful it's a VERY short off season. Because in August it all cranks back up. The beautiful game on display again. we only have to take June & July off from the best game ever invented.

my Geordie boys in Newcastle had what i guess they would call a successful season... even after Andy Carroll departing. i hope we can buy some STUDS with that $55 million! we need to buy 1 top class striker, a stud center back, a right back (no offense Sim), and a Keeper. + hold on to Jose Enrique and Joey Barton who both seem to be Liverpool bound if you believe the rumors.
so i'm hoping for a top 7 finish and Europa League football in 2012-13.

Roberto Martinez and Wigan are staying up too. it was a relegation battle like none other. we'll probably never see anything like it again. although i hope we do because it was unbelievably exciting!

I bet Fabregas will go to Barcelona or Real Madrid for like $80 million. it will be interesting to see what Arsenal do this summer. lots to be done for sure. i won't care very much when Fabregas is gone though. i predict that Man U wins it again next season with Liverpool, Man City, and Tottenham all really coming into their own to officially make it a BIG 6. (and hopefully Newcastle sliding into 7th.)

Barcelona will of course win the Champions League again. it's going to be a while before someone can knock them off. best chance was when Arsenal had them knocked out in the 2nd leg before the inexplicable red to RVP.

The only games left for me to watch in this season are the League Two, League One, and Championship playoff finals. those 3 will be fun. Go Stevenage & Swansea City.

very thankful for the beautiful game. it makes the world a more beautiful place.