they found a new planet

i enjoy reading GOOD magazine fairly regularly and recently i saw an article that caught my eye.

Scientists have found a new planet not all that far away. only like 20 light years & it appears it's the 1st outside of our solar system that can sustain life.

so... of course "we" (a.k.a. humans) are sending some messages over there in case there's anyone to receive them.

here were some of my favs:

Tamasin, Australia: "If you come to Earth look into: music, the beach, ice cream, hugs, family, love, dancing, cheese, trampolines, friendship, books and dreams. Just for a start."

Otto Koivuranta, Finland: "The lust for money will be the end of earth. I hope the same thing won't happen to you."

Sergio Camalich, Mexico: "What do you see when you look up into the sky? Do you feel small and lonely, just like us? From now on, I can assure you one thing: you are not alone. Be happy."

*this next one is possibly my #1 fav...
Dr. Okowon Falafalokoronko, Nigeria: "Sir. Let’s make a deal together. I have inheritance of $25m which I need help to release.Please send your interplanetary BSB a/c details. Thankyouplease."

Pi, Australia: "3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974"

Richard, Australia: "Please understand any messages from politicians (our leaders) do not represent the rest of us. This is an Earth tradition."

Maria, Australia: "Do gyms exist where you come from??? Is there such a thing as calorie counting and body image issues ? If not please come get me ASAP PPLLLEEAASSEE"

Admiral Ackbar, Yemen: "IT'S A TRAP!"

Erik K. Veland, Australia: "Apologies in advance for most of these messages. They are an example of our primitive humour."

which of these are your fav OR WHAT MESSAGE WOULD YOU SEND?