happiness (not what you might expect)

i'm enjoying an awesome sabbath today. it's a day earlier than i expected, but also needed. i am so thankful for the simple pleasure of sabbath.

it's been quiet and i'm enjoying the SIMPLE and ORDINARY pleasures of this ordinary day. i'm keenly aware today of a bigger Presence. a God who is here. in this moment.

a God that we don't even have a name for... just titles like "God."

and i'm thankful. thankful for life and all its simple pleasures.
thankful for this sabbath to slow down and simply be present. present with an even bigger Presence. it's almost (or is) mystical.

i am SO thankful. i'm enjoying. i'm happy.

"It's not how much you have that brings happiness; it's how much you appreciate however much or little you have."
- Brian McLaren

right on.

i am here. God is here. and whether you think that is "much" or "little" i am full of appreciation, reverence, awe, wonder, joy, and happiness.