Dear GOP & Fellow Conservatives: Enough with the Cannibalism!

Political cannibalism, that is...and I'm looking right at you, Karl Rove (and Dana Perino, and Bret Baier, and Al D'Amato, and George Will, and Charles Krauthammer, and Brit Hume and...) STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!  Even certain people whose opinions I generally respect, like Laura Ingraham, are joining into this game.  I'm sick and tired of it.

I'm sick and tired of the Republican Establishment types like Rove who are trying to jam Mitt Romney down our throats the same way they jammed John McCain down our throats four years ago.  We don't give a darn whose "turn" it is...we want a real conservative. You will not pick our candidate this time.

I'm sick and tired of conservatives like Ingraham or "AP" over at Hot Air, who are pretending that there's such a thing as a perfect candidate...and then are arguing that Newt isn't really a conservative. What the heck is your definition of a conservative if it isn't Balanced Budgets, a Flat Tax, and Peace through Strength?  And these things are not only policies of convienence, they are longstanding policies supported by Speaker Gingrich.  He's the guy who lead to four straight balanced budgets...or did you forget about that?

I'm sick and tired of people who pile on to the Left Wing attacks on whoever is the new conservative frontrunner in the race.  First it was attacks on Michelle Bachmann for daring to say that an unborn child's right to life outranked a mother's right to pursue happiness as it pertained to abortion, regardless of how that child was conceived, then it was Rick Perry for an unfortunate piece of graffiti on a rock at a camp that the Perry family painted over and then flipped over to make sure the slur wasn't available, then it was (still) unproven claims against Herman Cain that (still) have not been substantiated with an ounce of hard evidence. Now the attack machine is going after Newt.  If your candidate is the nominee (looking at you Romney Fan) your guy will be next...just in the general election.  The Drive-By Media will not support you, no matter how wishy washy you are...they want Obama re-elected.

I have one very serious question to ask all of you:  Would you honestly rather four more years of Obama?  I personally think this country can't survive another four years of Obama, at least as founded.  This is a serious time and we need to be serious with each other.  I'm not saying don't pull for your candidate and do it with all your heart...please do!  But we all need to agree with each other that, whoever the Republican nominee ends up being, whether it be Newt or Mitt or someone else...whoever really...that we will get behind that person.

Stop throwing around the word "RINO" for everyone who doesn't perfectly agree with your perfect policies.  I have news for you:  THERE IS NO PERFECT CANDIDATE.  Period.  There is no candidate whose past is so squeaky clean that the Drive-By Media won't attack them as unfit to be President...remember truth does not matter to these's all about winning and seeing Obama re-elected.  Don't believe me?  The accusations at Herman Cain STILL have not been proven...haven't even backed with a shred of credible evidence.  And by the way, according to the Media, who was Trigg Palin's mother? (It really is Sarah Palin, by the way, regardless of what heresay and inuendo is passed around, and Todd Palin is really his father.)  Your candidate will be subject to the same game (again, looking right at you, Romney Fan).

So for crying out loud, people, stop the cannibalism. Do you think your person is better?  No problem.  Back it with policies and discussion of your candidate's experience.  Let's talk about whose policies are best.  Forget about "who can beat Obama."  The answer, my friends, is absolutely anyone with an (R) next to their name.  If Foghorn Leghorn registered as a Republican then ran for President and was nominated, he'd beat Obama.  Obama is an abject failure as President.  He has done nothing of what he promised except for ramming Obamacare down our throat, a law we did not want...that was Obama's one fulfilled promise. 

We can beat him, we WILL beat him, so let's get the best, most conservative candidate available.  The three real conservatives that are left are Bachmann, Gingrich and Perry.  I have come to believe Gingrich is the one who can best effectively communicate it.  If you disagree, fine.  Let's have a debate on issues, but stop stabbing each other in the back!  Let's stop jumping on the attack bandwagon of these false accusations and other nonesense.  Let's not play the Media game, period.