Reactions to Herman Cain’s Withdrawal

Saturday, Herman Cain officially announced that he was ending his campaign for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, amid many alleged scandals.  Some in Republicans and conservatives are glad to see him out (the former group consists mainly of establishment types who want to cram Mitt Romney down our throats and the latter consists of people who are backing some other candidate).  Cain’s withdrawal was not unexpected to anyone paying attention, ever since he rose to the top of the Republican polls he’s been under attack.  The Leftwing attack machine, supported by their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media, has had their sights on Cain and they’ve finally succeeded. 
I’m on the record as saying that I believe Cain when he denies these allegations.  For starters, the way these accusations kept coming out one at a time as the previous didn’t work.  They were all unprovable, with the best available accuser being a woman had a history of claiming sexual harassment every time she didn’t get her way at work.  I believe Cain because I’ve looked in his eyes.  I can’t explain it any further, save for saying that as a Christian, I’ve learned how to discern the spirit of a man.  I believe Cain.  He has admitted to giving money to this woman who is now accusing him.  As a Pentecostal Christian, I can tell you I’ve seen that before.  It’s called caring for the needy amongst you. 
Cain is gone now.  The Media hit job has worked.  They’ve gotten Cain out of the way.  I for one do not believe this was entirely a consequence of the Media attacks.  Cain lost a lot of conservative support from people like myself who were inclined to support him because of his poor performances recently on foreign policy.  Whenever Cain got off the subject of 9-9-9, it seemed to hurt his support.  My concern now is that this may hurt the chances of Mr. Cain to serve in a cabinet post or, in the role I believe he is wonderfully suited for, the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee.  Regardless of his political future, however, I believe Mr. Cain is destined to be a player in the political arena for a long time to come.  If he does not seek some sort of elected office he will be a major power broker in the Tea Party and the larger conservative wing of the Republican Party, similar to Sarah Palin. 
Now to those of you who back other candidates and therefore jumped on the bandwagon in attacking Mr. Cain, I have a message.  I absolutely guarantee that your candidate will be next if he becomes the nominee.  If it’s Mitt Romney, don’t be assuaged by his squeaky-clean background, because truth does not matter to the Left Wing attack machine.  If it’s not “Mormonism is weird,” they will invent something.  Trust me.  If Rick Perry rebounds to the top of the race, it’ll be more of the same baloney about daring to purchase a name that had a racist name on a rock long before the Perry family bought it and that the Perry family painted over and turned to hide said slur.  If Michelle Bachmann were to rise back up, it’ll be more attempts to paint her as a fire-breathing dragon.  If pigs fly and Hell freezes over and Ron Paul becomes the nominee, his foreign policy alone will see him torn down by the Right and the Left will go after him as the single most uncaring person in the world for his reasonable desire to spend only the money we receive in taxes. 
The same type of attacks have already begun on Newt Gingrich, whether it’s rehashing the same false story about Newt supposedly divorcing his ex-wife on her deathbed back in the 80s (by the way, the same woman is still alive today, so the deathbed claim is already patently false) or misrepresenting his role with Freddie Mac, the attack machine is already started on Gingrich.  I think Newt will deal with these claims in a completely different manner.  To quote Herb Brooks, he’s not going to defend against the Drive-By Media, he is going to attack them.  Quite frankly I think it’s going to be fun to watch. 
 I wish Mr. Cain the best in his future endeavors.  As his brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for Herman Cain, and for Gloria Cain.  I close with this, and I know I will take heat from some for it:  I believe Mr. Cain when he says the accusations are false.  If one is innocent, there is nothing more you can do but proclaim your innocence.  The same gut that told me Bill Clinton was lying in the 90s tells me that Cain is telling the truth.  I close with this:  if you piled on to Cain because you support someone else, your candidate will be next if he or she rises to the top of the heap.  I guarantee it.