What Mitt Romney Should Have Wagered

This past Saturday at the ABC Your Money, Your Vote debate, Mitt Romney made the mistake of wagering Rick Perry $10,000 to prove that his book's first print did not say that New Hampshire's individual mandate should be instituted in all 50 states.  (I'll bet you didn't remember what the offered bet was about, did you?)  Just for fun, I threw this question out on Twitter and Facebook.  Here's what we came up with:

- "If I'm wrong, I'll go by "Glove Romney" for the rest of the race."

- "I'll bet you a case of Spray Tan."

- "If I'm wrong, I'll wear a Bugs Bunny tie to the next debate."

- "Loser wears a Nixon Mask in the next debate."

- "If I'm wrong, you can call me Mittens for the rest of the race."

- "If I'm wrong, I will sing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" as my opening statement at the next debate."

- "I'll bet you three days and two nights in Palmyra, NY." (Might want to google that one.)

- "I'll bet you a box of winter handwear...the sort without fingers."

- "If I am wrong I will legally change my name to Newt Romney."

- "I'll bet you this coupon I hold in my hand for a free classic sundae at Dairy Queen."

- "I'll bet you 1,000,000 pennies."

- "I'll bet you a pack of Trident Layers, your choice of flavor."

- I'll bet you one of those baseball aparatuses that catchers wear on their hand to catch the ball.

- "I'll bet you three pairs of Mormon Magic Underwear." (Might want to google that one.)

- "I'll bet you five hours of free debate coaching."

- "I'll bet you my case of Wonka Bars."