GOP Establishment Hurting Itself with Romney Push

The Republican party, despite strong argument from the conservative base, is continuing to try to ram through Mitt Romney as the 2012 Republican nominee.  Now, we do not want Romney.  We don't want the GOP elite to choose our candidate again.  Frankly, they suck at it.  They crammed John McCain down our throats, they crammed Bob Dole down our throats.  Both lost.  When the GOP tells us whose "turn" it is to be the nominee, we lose.  Now, sometimes an exciting candidate gets the backing of the party, like a George W. Bush in 2000, and then the Drive-By Media starts claiming party fixes over the wimpy second choice that very few want (see John McCain in 2000). 

So I'd like to address the GOP Establishment types out there, and if you know one, do me a favor and send them this link, will you?  Are you ready?

STOP!  You're hamstringing us from fixing this country.  It's not about compromising and trading back and forth power with the Democrats.  Liberalism, as pushed on the country by the Democrat party, is a losing proposition for the United States.  It damages us fiscally and in terms of our freedom.  Liberals make us less safe when they are in power and do their best to ensure everyone gets poorer, which they call "fairness."

Trying to pass off Romney because he "can win the independents" is simply showing how foolish you really are...these same independents voted for Reagan as voted for Obama!  These independents are not persuaded by middle of the road policies.  They are persuaded by personality.  Regardless of how these Independents present themselves, they are not making their mind up issue by issue...they are purposely landing with a leg on each side of the fence because they think it makes them seem smarter.  They will go to the exciting candidate. The independents will come to a bright colored conservative, to use a Reagan analogy, as fast as they flocked to Obama.  What they won't flock to is a pastel Republican, because, even though this is how independents define themselves, they don't seem to vote for these wimps. 

One final note:  How do you plan to win as a Republican by getting the Independents and ignoring the conservative base? Even if I pretend I believe your foolish conventional wisdom (40% will automatically vote Republican, 40% will automatically vote Democrat, you've got to win the 20% in the middle), are you honestly telling me your strategy is to get the 20% at the expense of the 40%?  Need I remind you that a significant plurality of Americans call themselves conservatives (42%) while only 20% call themselves liberal? (1)  Need I remind you again of all the successes of brightly colored conservatism or the failure of pastel Republicans?

My friends, you establishment types are trying hard to ruin what should be a slam dunk for us in 2012 by trying to minimize the conservative base and the Tea Party. I'd have you remember that in 2010 you won because of conservatism, because of the Tea Party, and not because of wimpy, pastel Republicans.  We are going to continue to advance, so your choice is to get on board or get left behind.  It's your choice, Republican Party. 


(1) In 2010, Conservatives Still Outnumber Moderates, Liberals