Gallup: Obama in Trouble with Independents

Political elites on both sides of the aisle will tell you that a candidate in a national election needs to reach those "independents," the great unwashed middle who "makes their decisions on each issue at each election" to win.  The conventional wisdom is, of course, that 40% of Americans will automatically vote Democrat at 40% will automatically vote Republican, so the election tips on that 20%. 

I've never bought this, or the so-called moderate/independent self definition of wisdom beyond compare to decide their positions issue by issue, in the least. Most of these people somehow find a way to land with one leg on either side of the fence on every single issue then call themselves wise beyond compare.  The truth is they are a) not willing to take time to consider issues b) want to be perceived as smart and c) are persuaded not by substance but by style.  But I digress.

Gallup, recently, brought out some more very bad news for President Obama, in a new poll breakdown released on November 29th. According to the poll, of the 14% who self identify as "pure independents" (that is, neither lean Democrat or Republican), only 30% approve of the job President Obama is doing.  This is compared to 43% that the President is receiving across all party lines.   Once we add in those who lean slightly to the Democrat or Republican side, the President's approval rises only to 35%.  Again, that's not good for Obama (but great for America).

I've been saying this for quite some time, my friends, Obama is in trouble. He's going to be defeated in 2012.  I can hear you who buy into the whole moderate/independent baloney now telling me that we must nominate Mitt Romney or...gaaaaa...Jon get those independents.  Look, it does not matter. These proud independents/moderates are convinced not by ideas but by personalities.  That's the reason they voted for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  They will be convinced by a conservative with great ideas just as easily as they bought into Hopey Change.

The President is headed for a big defeat in the 2012 Election.  So let's make sure he loses to a real conservative.  This is our time, friends.  Let's go!